How To Set Up A Professional Makeup Kit & Station for any jobs in NYC

I remember the first 4 years of my career, I struggled so much on putting a makeup kit together. It was extremely stressful, expensive and there was so little to no information online. Every time I reach out for help, it feels like I am asking artists for money or their secrets. Thankfully for the one or two that took me under their wings and willing to share their knowledge and experiences with me . Most artists tend to over pack because we want to ensure that we have everything the client needs. Now I have finally developed a system that works for me no matter what jobs i am supporting including NYFW, campaigns, or Celebrity clients. I created this video not to tell you to replicate my set up; the purpose is to shred some light on this topic and hopefully you can take away whatever you wish. I can guarantee you this set up will not work for you if you just copy it because its not just about the products, its about developing a system for yourself and your clients. The first video is my set up from 2016-2018 and the second video is the updated set up for 2019 .If you enjoy this read, please leave me any feedback along with your instagram account so I can stay in touch! I would much appreciate that! you don’t have to sign up, you can leave a comment as a guest. ! follow me on Instagram! @vanmakeupartistry